Aqua Therapy

Peak Physical Therapy, P.C. is pleased to offer the benefits of Aqua Therapy to clientele in our private indoor therapeutic pool. Pool therapy is recognized as a means to returning patients to functional levels at a faster pace due to more comfortable environment in which exercise is initiated. Patients with a variety of conditions - back pain, knee, ankle or shoulder injuries, arthritis and post-operative difficulties - can benefit from the addition of pool therapy to their treatment program. Our therapists develop therapeutic exercise routines to maximize patients' abilities using a variety of buoyancy assisted exercise devices for the upper and lower extremities, as well as the trunk.

The pool is supplied with specialty equipment for therapeutic exercises. There is a smooth resistive flow of water which can be regulated from 0 to 5 mph to offer optimal resistance, tailored to individual patients' exercise ability.

The pool, kept at 92 degrees Fahrenheit, is also equipped with underwater parallel bars as well as seated exercise areas with whirlpool jets.

Back Program:

Many patients diagnosed with spinal dysfunctions benefit from pool therapy. Patients strengthen stabilizing muscles in a less painful environment, which carries over into improved activities of daily life.

The Benefits of Pool Therapy Include:

•  Increased range of motion due to water's buoyancy.

•    Decreased loading reducing injury to the joint.

•    Safe arena to progress weight bearing and gait training.

•    Muscle relaxation leading to pain relief.

•    Improvement of power, endurance and stability.

•   Sports specific functional training.