Orthopedic and Sports

Your physical well-being is as important to us as it is to you. Whether your daily activities are in the home, workplace or athletic field, our experienced and knowledgeable professional therapists will help you reach your goals.

To help each individual achieve their goals, our facilities and staff are successful due to the consistency in offering quality "hands- on" care and professional supervision that is left out in other centers. Physical therapy education, coupled with exercise and home program development to fit each individual's need, is the key to your success.

All patients differ in symptoms, needs and tolerance to exercise. Having the full resources of modality therapy, hands-on care, strengthening equipment, and an aquatic center, has given our physical therapists a variety of treatment options to best suit the needs of their patients.

Physicians have different training and philosophies regarding managing their patients. Returning patients to full function and activities of daily living begins with a competent patient profile. Modalities, exercise and hands-on care help determine the proper level of exercise a patient can handle. A home program, combined with the above, has historically worked best.

Athletes come in different shapes and sizes. The demands of their sports differ, as do the surfaces they play on. At Peak Physical Therapy, we simulate both positions played and other environmental considerations that our injured athletes compete in.